Videomine review (is videomine legit or scam?)

we are going to give you a basic videomine review which you will consider before using the platform

video is an online platform that pays you to watch short videos. When you achieve a certain withdrawal criterion on video mining, you can withdraw your earnings into your bank account.

Fortunately, you do not need to suggest a single individual to withdraw from UI video mining. You only need to do things like view a brief video, login every day, and share some videos as part of a well-structured and coordinated income platform.

How to Creating a VideoMine?

Video mining is a service that rewards its members for watching videos, sharing videos, and logging in to their website on a daily basis.

To started, all you need is a N2,000 one-time registration fee.

When you join, you will have the ability to earn more than simply money from activities. Yes, you can earn more money by referring others to join the video mine income program. You will receive N1,400 for each person you refer.

Video Mine is also bringing in a multi-level marketing (MLM) system to help you earn even more commissions. MLM is a system in which you keep earning when your downlines add new downlines without you having to do anything.

Videomine review

How To Earn On VideoMine – VideoMine Review

So, with that said, there are two ways to profit from video mining: affiliate (single) multilevel marketing and multilevel marketing (MLM)

  1. Affiliate (Single): Members in the Affiliate (Single) system earn money each time they complete a task. You’ll get N150 for each video you watch. Nobody is required to watch or finish the entire video. You will start earning as soon as you click on the video.

You get N200 each time you share one of these videos, in addition to the N150 you earn by watching short videos on video mine.
referring someone to video mine isn’t required, you can still be compensated for doing so. You will receive N1,400 for each person you refer.

You can utilize your non-referral earnings to acquire premium talents like crypto trading instead of withdrawing them. Their website has instructions on how to use this strategy.

With a minimum referal bonus of N1,000, you can withdraw your video mining referal bonus weekly on Wednesdays and Sundays.

If you have any profits from activities in your video mine account, they will be paid together whenever you seek a referal payment.
Your activity earnings of at least 15,000 VM points will be translated to N5,000 and given to you via the bank account you provided on the 25th of each month.

Multi Level Marketing ( video Mine review )

With the video mine MLM (multi level marketing) technique, you can earn money by working in a team. That is, before you can earn, your downlines must suggest you.

It’s compulsory a user have at least two downlines in the Video Mine MLM system, and those two downlines must have their own two downlines, or you will be credited N10,000 immediately.

Anytime a user refer two people, and those two people refer two people, a cycle of the video mining MLM is finished, and you are automatically paid N10,000.

So, in this case,
If you signed up for Africgold without an upliner using the video mining MLM scheme, you only need to refer two individuals and encourage them to refer two people each. And you’ll receive N10,000 as soon as they do.

If you joined the video mine MLM system through an upliner, on the other hand, you must suggest four individuals instead oi of only two.

It referred to as “locked downlines.” So you need to unfreeze with two downlines if you enrolled under someone previously you can now refer two people for them to refer two people as well and you cash out N10,000.
Mine Registration in Video

This are the following information is required for Video Mine Registration

Phone number and email address

Africgold registration( Videomine review )

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to sign up with Video Mine and start earning money while watching videos:

  1. Get a VideoMine coupon code: Before you can sign up for VideoMine, you must first get a VideoMine coupon code from one of their online vendors. You can also get a promo code for your registration from me. +2348169183090 is my WhatsApp number (WhatsApp Only).
    . Become a member/register: After you’ve obtained the coupon code, go to and register by clicking this LINK.
  2. Fill in your information: After clicking the above link, a registration form will appear, prompting you to enter your information, including “names,” “email,” “phone number,” “username,” and “password.” To complete your registration, fill out the registration form and click the sign up button.
  3. Earn by watching videos: After filling out your information and clicking the sign up button, you will receive a message congratulating you on your successful registration. Then, to get to your dashboard, scroll down and click on the to your login details. To watch videos, go to the “sponsored” tab on the menu.

Is Video Mine a real thing?

Yes, the video I made is genuine. Advertisers pay to have their services advertised on video mine, and as a result, they can pay her members. The platform’s return on investment appears to be too wonderful to be true.

However, just because a video mine is legitimate doesn’t imply it will remain such indefinitely. Naijamelody will endeavor to keep up with whatever video mining platform emerges in the future.

Is Videomine scam( Videomine review )

What qualifies a platform as a rip-off? It’s simply when a company fails to pay members as promised, robbing them of their money and refusing to reimburse them. That hasn’t happened yet with video mine, so we’ll claim it’s still in the works.

When was Videomine first released?

Videomine was introduce On November 1, 2021,

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Bonus for Referrals made

Anytime time you refer someone to register on video mining, you will get a bonus

The referral bonus for Video Mine is N1400 per referral. Because the minimum referal withdrawal is N1400, you can withdraw the earnings you receive for one referral.

Those who choose to participate in the MLM system on video mine can withdraw a minimum of N10,000 after finishing the cycle, which requires them to have at least two referrals as well as downlines.

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Withdrawal method( Videomine review )

Video For activities earnings, the minimum withdrawal is N15,000, and you can take your earnings every 25th of the month. Referral earnings have a minimum withdrawal of N1,000, and you can take your referral earnings on Wednesdays and Sundays.

How to withdraw On

When you’re ready to pay out, simply click the green cashout button on your dashboard and complete the withdrawal form that appears on the next page. Before you submit, double-check that your information is correct.

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