How to reduce iPhone data usage.

Here is how to reduce iPhone data usage.iPhone which is considered the best phone to use,is so different from the Android phone.

iPhone has a high data usage which requires higher suscription compared to the Android smart phones.


This is how to reduce your iPhone data usage which will allow your data suscriptions to last longer.

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1.Reduce iphone usage by disabling the background app refresh.

This will help prevent your applications using much data on the background when they are not actively in use.

Go to settings>general>background app refresh>turn off.

2.Disabling your iCloud on cellular data.

This helps so much in reducing data usage on your iOS.All you have to do is to make sure iCloud is only syncing over WiFi
Go to settings>cellular or mobile data>turn off iCloud drive.

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how to reduce iPhone data usage

3.System service

Kindly remember, even with the changes above, you can in any case have unforeseen information utilization from your System Services. You can not impair your System Services and they can be answerable for a great deal of sudden information use. Framework Services incorporates Push Notifications, Time and Location, iTunes Accounts, Software Updates, Mapping Services, Messaging Services, Security Services, Networking, Documents and Sync and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

( go to setting>cellular/mobile data>system service.)

4.Disabling WiFi assist helps in reducing iPhone data usage

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Wi-Fi Assist permits you to remain associated when you have a helpless Wi-Fi association. In the event that your venturing out and associated with nearby Wi-Fi (Hotel, Cafe, Restaurant), these Wi-Fi associations may not be dependable and your telephone may naturally change to utilizing information from your KnowRoaming SIM if Wi-Fi Assist is on.


Go to Settings > Cellular / Mobile Data > scroll to bottom > Wi-Fi Assist > turn OFF

iPhone apps that consume alot of data

Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Twitter, Spotify, and YouTube

Best iOS data manager app for reducing iPhone data usage

  1. DataMan Pro.
  2. DataMan Next.
  3. MobiStats.
  4. Advanced Data Usage Tracker – smartapp.
  5. My Data Manager.

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