How to add follow button on Facebook profile

Adding follow button on your Facebook profile with these easy steps

Adding follow button on Facebook profile is so easy.Before we proceed here You may have see some account with follow button on it,yes of course it makes your profile official.

Some people think that the feature of adding the follow button on profile are meant for celebrities and well known individual but that’s wrong you can add you own and get many followers on Facebook.

Having a follow button on your Facebook profile is nomal.may be you need no more friends on Facebook so you decided to add your own follow button.

But note: followers may not have full Access to your profile.its up to you settings up your privacy .

Facebook follow button

Here are the Steps in adding the follow button on Facebook profile

Firstly log in into your account .the account you want to the follow button to display on.

Note: Facebook recommend us to have one account and one is noted in the Facebook privacy and policy page

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Step 2: after logging into your account move to the blue bar at the top of your app.this can be found using the browser or Facebook app.

Then Scroll down and and look for the Facebook settings page. It can be found while scrolling down the page.

Note: the Facebook settings is a page that gives you access in controlling what and how your account should function and look like.these settings include:

Profile settings, friends settings, security settings and lot more

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Step 3: tap on the settings,then scroll down look for the followers page and tap on the who can follow me .

Step 4: then Select Followers on the left side of the page.

After selecting it .The Followers section of the Settings will page appear.

Then Select the check box to Turn On Follow. They are other settings related to being followed appears Follower

On the comments: Here you can control which people are allowed to comment on your posts

On the follows notifications: here you will Choose which people interacting with your posts generate notifications.

Choosing a username: Set up a username so that people can quickly get you by typing an url

Others like the Twitter: If you already use Twitter to post some short updates, you can automatically import them into your Facebook profile

Two ways to add the follow button on your Facebook page.

If you created a page and the button you saw is the like button and message button never mind you are in the right place.

  • Download the Facebook blue app: this is the main Facebook app not the lite version.on this Facebook blue app many features will be shown to you.
  • Login your existing Facebook account
  • Visit your page
  • Click on the available botton on the page then click the add new botton scroll down and activate the follow button.

Second method

  1. Visit your chrome browser
  2. Type on the search bar
  3. Switch to the desktop mode
  4. Login to your Facebook account
  5. Visit your existing page
  6. Click on the available button on the page then scroll down and activate the follow button

How to get Facebook page followers fast and easy I you are not a celebrity.

You may be asking can I get 500 thousand followers on my Facebook page without been known? Yes it’s hundred percent possible.just a Matter of time, focus and patience.

Getting Facebook followers can’t be that easy unless you work for can’t just create a Facebook page and expected people to follow your page just like that.that is impossible.

By the way here is the complete guide in having huge amount of followers on your Facebook page.

First of all what are the importance of having a Facebook page and what can you achieve from it.

  • Getting blog traffic.bloggers always have a Facebook page for their blogs.why? It helps their blog get more audience and views then increase their earnings. learn how to create a blog
  • For getting familiar and popular to your audience:if you want to become familiar and known by people I recommend you having a Facebook page.maybe you have tallents like singing and acting.the Facebook page is a great way of reaching more people.
  • Getting more business customers: if you had a business which you want to be made known.try having a page for the business , create good quality upload of your business and get more customers

Now how to get more followers:

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