Artificial sun?you need to see this.

When I first heard about this artificial sun I got how is it going to be possible creating an artificial sun. has technology get to this stage?.but I seem to be true and ready to be launched.A big record has been broken isn’t it.may be one day an artificial moon will be created it’s matter of time.The article sun

But don’t worry almost everything is possible.Here it’s believed God created the sun but now man is building their artificial may ask how can a sun be created and launched in the are answers to that.What did this artificial sun look like and how it functionHere is how it’s possible to create a sun.its said that the extreme heat and gravity turns hydrogen atoms into heliumWow this is so Interesting right?. And you may ask how does that produce energy.its sure and confirmed that the artificial sun releases energy.i mean enough energy.Which country has an artificial sun?It has been said that this artificial sun is been created by scientist from China.thia is a big record China is setting for them self.and this is to prove that the world of technology is getting upgraded at daily bases.Now the scientists have designed and created an ‘Artificial Sun’ on Earth which more like the real and natural sun.the artificial sun has sustained a temperature of about 120 million degrees Celsius that so cool isn’t it. It is also announced that the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) fusion reactor which is designed by the chinese burns at eight times as the natural Sun’s core temperature.Why and in what purpose China created the artificial sunThe main reason the artificial sun is created is to replicate the process of nuclear fusion.because the natural sun give human energy. So this nuclear fusion will provide an infinite energy.What is the name of the artificial sun

  • The China’s experimentalAdvancedSuperconducting Tokamak, EAST.


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